FSP Series Media protector 120 min

Fire protection

Fireproof cabinets to protect magnetic media such as: CDs, DVDs, floppies, tapes, cartridges, etc.. From 55 ° C, these supports irreparably lose the information stored, so it is essential to be sure that the cabinets, we have the best guarantees and have passed the most rigorous tests. They reproduce the extreme conditions of an incident in which reached temperatures above 1000 ° C and the subsequent collapse of the building. Certifications 1047-1 S-120 and ECB-S DIS C02 are the most globally recognized and guarantees total protection against fire for 120 minutes, moisture, dust and magnetic fields. At the same time these cabinets have the certification Grade I-1143 -1, meaning they have been subjected to attacks similar to those that can cause a thief, beating them completely.



  • Cabinet with 180-mm thick walls.
  • 235-mm thick door.
  • Bolt-holes for anchoring to floor.
  • Both doors open 180°.
  • Drill-proof armour plating.
  • Relock system in the event of attack.
  • Handle operation with 12 Ø25-mm bolts: 4+4 at the sides, 2 at the top and 2 at the bottom.
  • Height-adjustable shelves.
  • Phosphate primer and polyurethane paint finish. Possible colours: Ral 7035 or Ral 7024.

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Gorges Key
Exterior Measurements
Interior Measurements
Measures Use
Internal VolumeWeightBolts NumberNumber of ShelvesAnchors units
FSP-0770645810400290415885138012754932982 (tipus 0D)2
FSP-18008558504104954559301630184092441102 (tipus 1D)2
FSP-2101085584061049545593016301840137516102 (tipus 1D)2
FSP-3123085585084049545593016301840189640122 (tipus 1D)2
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