PAST Series Anchorage sheet

Professionals safes

The PAST Series anchorage sheets have been tested in Applus Testing Laboratory to ensure the minimum requirements as defined in the Standard UNE 108136:2010, related to safes anchoring procedures. And to complete the security grade according to UNE EN 1143-1:2012 Standard.

PAST Series complements the anchorage on SERIES I, III and IV.


UNE 108136:2010


PAST Series
Exterior Measurements
KPAST-R13044035010AR-1 / AT-1
KPAST-R23045045014AR-2 / AP-2
KPAST-R33055055019AR-3 / AR-4 / AR-5 / AR-6 / AR-7 / AP-3 / AP-4 / AP-5 / AP-6 / AP-7
KPAST-R83065065025AR-8 / AP-8
KPAST-R93080075035AR-9 / AP-9
KPAST-T23055044017AT-2 / AT-3 / AT-4 / AT-5 / AT-6 / AT-7
KPASTR2A3045045024AP-2 ATM
KPASTR3A3055055035AP-3 ATM / AP-4 ATM
Left opening
Anti-phishing mailbox

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